1.  Should we tip the DJ? – This question is completely a matter of personal preference. As a general rule it is a polite gesture for service-based personnel to be tipped if you have received service that pleases you. However we don’t expect tips and won’t hold it against you if you choose not to tip.

2.  Should we feed the DJ? – As a general rule the DJ(s) will have been working for three hours prior to your event, loading and unloading, setting up and preparing for your event. In addition to working through your event, they’ll spend a couple of hours afterward tearing down equipment and making sure you and your guests are satisfied. We get hungry just like everyone else, and would certainly appreciate the opportunity to eat if possible.  If this is a problem however, just let us know and we’ll make alternate arrangements. We understand (especially during a catered or sit-down dinner) that there may be a cost associated that we certainly don’t expect you to bear.

3.  Will you take requests? – Absolutely…Prior to your event, you will receive an Announcement List, which will include an area to request or deny music for your event. This list will be held in the highest priority throughout the night but requests from guests are always accepted. Our Disc Jockeys have had experience in Radio, Television, Night Clubs, Weddings and Private Parties. All Disc Jockeys have been in the industry for 17 years or longer solidifying the fact that we know what to play and when.  Our goal is to make your night unique and memorable.  The Announcement List can also be found here.

If you don’t want us to accept requests, just let us know. Also see our Music page for further information.

4.  Will you play music from my own collection? – Although we have an extensive music collection. We realize that there may be songs that your group would like to hear that we don’t have. If you‘ll let us know in advance, we’ll be happy to procure the music that you’d like for us to play.  If, after the event has begun, the host or a guest requests a song for which they are providing the CD, MP3, or even your phone…we’ll be happy to play it as long as the song is appropriate for the event. See the FAQ below on profanity.

5.  Do you play songs with profanity? – We play the radio edit versions of songs, which are normally the “cleanest” versions available (as opposed to the original albums, which are often laced with profanity.) Despite having the cleaner versions of songs, many parents find particular songs inappropriate. When playing for groups with children, we will self-censor to a level we think is suitable for the children present. If you, as a sponsor or a parent, have a concern about a particular artist or song, just let us know and we’ll omit the offensive material from our play list for that event. We’ll also cease playing music that appears to result in disorderly conduct or faculty safety concerns (i.e. ‘mosh pit’ activity that could injure the guests.)

The bottom line is that we’ll work with you to play only what you feel is appropriate for your event. Obviously the play list for a college frat house party will differ from that of junior high school dance.

6.  Can we watch you in action? – Flashback Entertainment encourages its potential customers to see the Disc Jockeys in action. We currently have outstanding relationships with most of the banquet facilities across the Midwest. Visiting during one of our events helps to provide you an overall feel as to how we will bring Class. Style and Taste to your Event.  Contact us to find out dates, locations and times.

7.  What Type of Equipment will you bring? Flashback Entertainment was recently recognized as carrying the top equipment in the country. We do not believe that certain events call for a smaller or ‘cheaper’ setup. All of our top graded equipment is brought to every event allowing you to see the exact setup that will be at your event should you come for a visit. Our sound system has been engineered by the same crew used by music Hall of Famers such as Shania Twain and Tom Petty. Our music is never piercing or irritating for your guests. A deep solid sound is always projected to provide your event with a touch of class unmatched in the industry. Please see our equipment Page.

8.  What will the Disc Jockey wear to my event? Each Disc Jockey presents himself in a professional manner, wearing a suit and tie to every event. If special attire is required, just inform your Disc Jockey prior to your event and we will do our best to accommodate.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our office.