Announcement List

Below you will find a detailed timeline of your entire evening. Please take the time to fill in all blanks and feel free to contact the Flashback Entertainment Offices should you have any questions.

**Please fill in this form completely in one sitting as it cannot be saved partially filled in.

15 minutes prior to the start of dinner your Disc Jockey will request that all members of the Bridal Party along with the Parents and Grandparents of the bride and groom assemble in the main foyer. At this time your Disc Jockey will coordinate the introduction line and receive the correct pronunciation of each person’s name being introduced.

"On behalf of the parents of the bride and groom, we would like to extend a sincere thank you for attending this evening. At this time I would like to direct your attention to the main entrance and I would like to introduce the:"

Please spell all names phonetically to ensure proper pronunciation:

Members of the Bridal Party:
Please spell all names phonetically to ensure proper pronunciation:
escorted by:
escorted by:
escorted by:
escorted by:
escorted by:
escorted by:
escorted by:

"At this time I would like to ask everyone to rise… On behalf of everyone in attendance along with the parents of the bride and groom, it is with great pleasure that I now introduce for the first time in public, the new Mr. And Mrs. ."

Please indicate a song that you would prefer to be introduced to.
Flashback Entertainment is more than happy to provide suggestions.

After all introductions are complete, the Bride and Groom will remain on the dance floor and partake in their first dance together as Husband and Wife. Please list your selection for the First Dance:

Directly following the introductions, your Disc Jockey will announce the following while providing a cordless microphone which can be held at the head table:

At this time I would like to call upon: for a very special toast. And now I would like to call upon: for the saying of grace.

It is strongly recommended that following dessert, each of the following dances take place. This is usually the most appropriate time to proceed with these dances as it allows your photographer, guests and employees of the banquet hall to be attentive and prepared for these special moments.

Please list the name and artist of the song desired for each dance:

Will there be a garter and bouquet toss?

**In this area, please list any genres or specific Titles you would like to have played throughout the night. These songs will be played at the disc jockey’s discretion, but will have high priority throughout the evening. The more guidance that you provide, the more tailored your disc jockey can make your reception. You may also list any special dances or events that you wish to have throughout the evening. Please discuss such events with your disc jockey so that these events run smoothly and on time.
 Rock Jazz Dance Club Classic Rock Techno Wedding Music

Some points to keep in mind when listing special requests:

  1. Will this song be accepted by all individuals in attendance?
  2. Is this a song that only a few guests will know and appreciate?
  3. What genre or musical decade will my guests enjoy most?